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Classic Cats by Tucker is a division of Tucker Sno-Cat ® Corporation.  Tucker Sno-Cat® has been in the business of making quality over the snow vehicles for decades.  The founder, E. M. Tucker Sr., had a vision for the product he wanted to produce that included quality and style.  This vision continues to be carried out at the Tucker Sno-Cat® factory in Medford, Oregon.  Tucker was so successful building quality Cats from the beginning, that many of the early models are still in existence today and so the idea was born to restore these Classic Cats.  The clean lines and craftsmanship of these original Cats are timeless.  Whether we are restoring a Cat to its original glory or updating it with a custom look, the charm of the Sno-Cat® shines through.  Classic Cats by Tucker is proud to be a part of history and continuing the legacy that E. M. Tucker Sr. started in the early 1900’s. 

We buy, sell & restore these Classic Cats. 

No Road Too Steep


No Snow Too Deep